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This village is accessible through Annur-Kanurpudur bus route. Avinashi is the nearby railway station. The place is about 50 Kms. from Coimbatore on the Avinashi-Mettuppalayam road.
Arulmigu Sri Venkatesa Perumal Thirukoil (Melathiruppathi)
This temple is counted among the noted vishnu temples of Kongunadu.
Story - 'Kondamanaicker' clan lived in Mondipalayam. The form was first discovered by one such Kondamanaicker a few hundred years ago. The devotee once cited his cow shedding it's milk on a sand-dune. Induced by curiosity, he dug it, when manifested the image with Conch (Sanguchakkram) and Disc (Chakkram) as well as Saligram and Chikandi (weapon). Inspired by the divine revolution he ordered a temple to be built up for Shree Venketachalapathi enshrining the form.
Temple - The uniqueness of this temple is that the Image of the Lord is flat on the four sides and conical in the center. Thus, Lord Vishnu is seen in the general form of a lingam, a type of worship that is unique to Kongu naadu.
Shrines of Shri Andal, Alwars, Venugopalar, Chakrattazhwar are also seen here. Outside the paramapadam seen sitting are Vaikuntha Narayanan and Lakshmi and near by is the Kalyana mandapam.
Prayers - Devotees who have taken vows to make offering to the lord of the seven hills can fulfil them in Mondipalayam, in the event of their inability to go to thirupathi.
The balipeedam of this temple is believed to have extraordinary powers. People possessed by evil spirits, ghosts etc come here to stay and worship and to get rid of their ailments.
During the Purattasi festival, devotees throng the temple in large numbers. Garuda Sevai is held on this occasion when the Utsava murthi goes around in a possession while mounted on the Garudan. This possession is known as Meravanai. On the 3rd Saturday of the Purattasi month, Annadanam (poor feeding) is held.
The other auspicious occassions in the Temple are Tamil New Year, Vaikunda Ekadheshi, Deepavali, Karthigai Deepam, English New Year, Pongal, Thai Punar Poosam, etc.
Timings - 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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